How we do them

Wisdom is the daughter of experience. Leonardo Da Vinci

The Gatto Matto’s ceramics are made exclusively by hand using non-toxic raw materials through various steps of processing and quality control because for us “Made in Italy’” is a synonym of traditional craftsmanship and high quality.

After being processed, the ceramics are subjected to laboratory analysis for food safety and MOCA (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food) certification because we want to do things well and to offer you safe ceramics that resist thru time and remain unchanged during use of dishwashers and microwave oven.


The first is the idea, the sketch, research, experimentation and finally the project.


Gatto Matto creations are made almost exclusively on the wheel, because the manual modeling provides greater quality and elegance to the product.


The glazing is done exclusively
by hand with retouch
with an airbrush and touch-up brush.


We have started with decal applied
by hands of third fire,
but then we experienced many other techniques.